As a team of OpenERP pioneers in China, We provide OpenERP consulting, OpenERP development, OpenERP implementation and OpenERP training services for Enterprises leveraging packaged open source software...


We believe that the key to quality and efficiency is professionalism. We expect at all times to provide our OpenERP services with the competence, skills, attitudes, responsibility and specialist expertise...

Agile Approach

We fully embrace the SCRUM agile project management methodology. Divide project with short cycles, Deliver every month, Get timely feedback, Focus on high values, Adapt to requirement changes

Quality Assurance

Quality is our standard. The practice of Test-Driven development is the integral part of our Agile processes. Tools to enforce quality assurance. Trac: issue tracking, Buildbot: continuous integration...

OpenERP Implementation
OpenERP Customizing
OpenERP Training
OpenERP Supervision