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What is OpenERP?

OpenERP is an open source comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Accounting, Human Resources as well as very specific applications like fleet management, marketing campaigns automation, e-Commerce integration, point-of-sale, etc. .

OpenERP set up a business model with a win-win relationship between the community, the partner network and the editor. The partners are intended to create the market around OpenERP and the service offers, the editor is responsible for the quality and the vision on the development of the product and the community generates activities and contribute to the growth of the product. All modules produced by the editors, the partners and the community are to be open source.

Why we choose OpenERP?

  • Developed by dynamic, portable, object oriented and very efficient Python language, which we have profound practical experience with
  • Extremely modular system with modules able to extend existing business objects and screens almost anywhere
  • Efficient MVC and ORM design
  • SOA oriented: everything can be executed remotely with webservices: this makes OpenERP incredibly easy to interconnect with other softwares
  • Integrated BPM engine
  • More importantly, OpenERP is a true open source project that is surrounded by a big, active community and maintains a fast growing momentum

Why you should choose OpenERP?

  • No license cost, No hidden cost, No user or package restriction
  • You don’t pay for something that has been paid by somebody else already: only the real innovation has a cost
  • Flexible and easy to use, tailored to your specific business needs
  • Very complete business application packages, 2000+ existing apps provide you a solid starting point
  • Agile implementation approach, use the system since beginning, deliver in short iterations, minimize your risk

What is the difference between OpenERP Enterprise Edition and Community Edition?

There is no difference in terms of number of users and functionality except that Enterprise Edition bound with a support service contract.

What is the Support Service contract like ?

The support service contract is so designed to allow you running OpenERP and all its modules in a safe and professional environment. The service provided are following:

  • Integrated support within the application
  • Email and phone support
  • Bugfixes warranty
  • Security Alerts
  • Migration to each new version
  • Private Modules Allowed

Can I use OpenERP in company without the Enterprise Contract?

Technically, Yes. However, we highly recommend our client to subscribe to the Enterprise Contract. The reasons are the following:
OpenERP evolves at a very fast pace. It is normal that there will have a few bugs and glitches leak into the code base along the way of development. With the Enterprise contract, you will have guaranteed bug-fix service ( so called OPW (OpenERP Publisher Warranty)) . At the same time OPW will also provide you free migration of your database when the new version of OpenERP released. Another critical reason to have Enterprise Contract at hand is that you can privately own your customized modules, you will otherwise have to release the code of your customized module according to AGPL license.

Will the Enterprise Contract solve instantly the problem of pop up window stated ‘you are using an unsupported version’ in my current community edition installation?

Yes and No. The aforementioned pop up window is not a limitation of the community edition. It only reminds you that you are encountering a problem in the OpenERP system, of which the reason may be caused by a wrong configuration or a bug. In either case you will need support which is not provided in community edition. If you register your Enterprise Contract(a serial number) in the system, the pop up window will become a support window and you are able to send all the information related to this error to OpenERP support team and get instant support.

Can I use OpenERP as is?

Yes, for some simple use cases (that is also the OpenERP Saas service for). However, there are no company in common. The uniqueness may lie under the features of products the company process, the different business model, the organization structure, the financial process etc. etc. Without proper setup and customization, it will be difficult to adapt to the company’s requirements and changing demands. On the other hand, besides lower cost, the most obvious benefit of using open source application is its flexibility. You may have OpenERP tailored to your exact needs by acquiring our affordable development service,  while it  will be impossible or very costly to do the same with most of the proprietary ERP.

What is the rate of Shine IT’s service?

All our service provided are time based, the standard rates are:

  • Training and consulting service: RMB4000/day
  • Implementation and development service: RMB375/man/hour
  • Support service: RMB200/hour (Minimum buying unit: 20hours, Minimum consuming unit: 1 hour)

Why choose Shine IT? What is Shine IT’s strength?

  • The founders of Shine IT are all former senior consultants of top branded ERP (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX) with many years of experience in ERP industry.
  • The members of Shine IT team are the driving force and top contributors of OpenERP China community , who have profound knowledge and skill of OpenERP in terms of both technical and functional
  • We are the founder and maintainer of the most active OpenERP Chinese community sites: shine-it.net    www.openerp-china.org
  • We elicit and manage your requirement in a very professional way
  • We acquire agile project management methodology. Your timely feedbacks and changing demands will be easily maintained
  • You are invited to monitor the progress of the project. Every activity of the project is recorded on our project management platform. The organization and processing of the project are totally transparent to you

Can you migrate the data from other system?

Yes, as a part of our service, we will migrate customer’s data from other system to OpenERP at the early phase of the project. However, we will only guarantee successful data migration for the master data and closing balance. (Migrate detail transaction data is possible for some system but may be very time consuming and are error prone)

How long will a project last?

The methodology we use in OpenERP implementation and development project is so called agile approach as opposed to waterfall approach that keeps client  waiting for a long period of time until the project finished. The key to the agile approach is fast prototyping. We will help user operating on OpenERP system since the early phase of the project and get timely feedback from users along the way of project development. The project will start with 5-10 days of training and business analysis session. During the session we will determine the project scope, map client’s needs to existing OpenERP functionality, elicit and prioritize client’s requirements and convert them to development tasks. At the end of the session, we will report you the estimation time of the project and divide the implementation into several sprints. Every sprint spans half to one month and targeted to a specific group of tasks.