OpenERP V6.1 Demo Video

Dashboard View

OpenERP dashboard view displays a list of records that need to be processed by the log-in user. It also display some statics data in chart view.

Dashboard View

OpenERP Dashboard display the overall statistic datas for a specific OpenERP application.

Calendar View

OpenERP Calendar View give you a very clear picture about how the activities are scheduled. You may drag&drop to change the scheduled date.

Gantt View

OpenERP Gantt View is designed specificaly for project management. User may drag and drop to reschedule the tasks.

Kanban View

OpenERP Kanban view is a dynamic task wall. you may drag and drop to postition and order records, you may assign job and change state directly on this view.

Form View

OpenERP form view provides user a editable form with context menu and actions.

Search View

Search View/List View allow user to list, sort and filter records. User can also modify record directly on the list view, group records with specified condition.

Web Client

OpenERP web client interface. HTML5 and Ajax technology make web interface very user friendly and easy to use.

POS Client

OpenERP POS client interface. a user friendly interface for POS system especially for touchscreen POS.

GTK Client

OpenERP GTK Client is python writen client application. It is the fastest and most roubust OpenERP client. It can be easily integrted with other system such as barcode system, CTI system etc.

Mobile Client

OpenERP web client for mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Android Phone etc. It looks simple and sleek.